Bantayan Island

Located a few hours from the Queen City of the South – Cebu, Bantayan Island is a secret adventure seekers are starting to reveal.   Boasting of a coastline that is always sun shined, Bantayan is going to be the next big tourism thing.

Rent a boat to go island hopping so you can explore some of the neighbouring islands but once you get to the Virgin Island, we doubt you’ll even need the boat.  Once you arrive in the virgin Virgin beach, you won’t want to leave as the pristine waters and nice sand will captivate you and will convince you to stay.  Start the day early (or end the day late) by not missing the sunrise in Bantayan as it features a clear view of the majestic sun rising.

Go to the Ogtong Cave and explore its landscape inside.  Exercise you haggling skills as you go to the Bantayan market where souvenirs and its tasty dried fish delicacies are being sold.  You can also visit the Coral stone walled Bantayan Church which was built in the 1500’s as one of the first Churches to be built in the country.

All the travel coming from Cbeu is truly worth your while once you arrive in Bantayan Island.  Blue Waters and soft sand will make you want to never leave and keep you in the Island.