For the beach party that won’t stop, just hop on a plane ride from Manila to Boracay, the Philippines ultimate beach destination.

For some luxe R&R, Station 1 has swanky hotels with everything from butler service to infinity pools, and a quiet beach front to bask under the sun while enjoying a cold bottle of beer, while in Station 2 you can start the day off with a hearty breakfast or a fruity cocktail with lunch, or join in a game of Frisbee right on the beach. You can find any kind of cuisine you crave on this stretch of the beach, from the gourmet, to the Filipino grill, then shop until late in the evening at D’Mall, a cluster of shops where you can find just about anything for a haggling price. A crop of cozy inns and eco-hotels and resorts have popped up in Station 3, taking advantage of the down-home, local atmosphere. Head over to the market where you can buy the freshest seafood and have it cooked in any way you like.

Stave off the heat of the afternoon sun with a massage under the coconut trees, or splurge on a trip to the Spa. Family fun can be had in a number of water sports and fun activities, or even visit neighboring Puka beach and go fish for your own dinner.

But the best thing to do on the island? Stand right at the shore, watch the best sunset in the world, dig your toes into the powder-soft sand, and exhale.