Mother Nature may just be showing off when Coron was created.  Luscious greens, exotic waters and virgin beaches are what makes Coron a true wonder of nature.  

Arrive in style by taking a plane straight from Manila to the Busuanga airport and breeze through the Coron town proper which leads you to explore the surrounding islands.   All throughout your journey, a wide panorama of beauty has been masterfully painted for you to enjoy.  Once you have settled down in one of the many resorts available in the city, you can now start a journey of serenity or an immersion of discovery in one of the country’s best kept secrets.

Start the adventure by snorkelling through Siete Picados and enjoy the myth of its creation as told by the local boatman.  Follow it up by going up high and hiking 700 steps up to Mt. Tapyas to see the picturesque view of the islands around it.  Once you’ve recovered from the natural high, you can view Coron form below as you dive to see the Skeleton Ship Wreck from the Japanese era.

After the adventure, you can have the ultimate distress once you take a dip in the Maquinit Hot Springs, kayak through the Twin Lagoons, exhale all your worries when you stop by the Kayangan and Barracuda lakes then cap off the day by watching the sun set at Lambingan Bridge.

Make sure you leave your watches at home when you go to Coron as the adventure never stops and the memories you will get will forever be timeless.