Not only does an 80 kilometer coastline facing the Sibuyan sea provide a post card worthy view, it also gives Capiz an abundance of rich fishing grounds making Capiz the seafood capital of the Philippines. 

Driving along the coastline gives visitors a glimpse of how majestic the world really is.  Dig your toes deeply into the powdery sands of Baybay and Olotayan Island and stare into the beauty of the view.   Major cities Roxas and Panay gives the guests more than a handful of options to visit as each city has its own attractions that will keep tourists pouring in and coming back.

Capiz is an adventure waiting to be discovered.  Stories of delight and excitement have sprung when speaking of the city and as your curiosity peaks, you will definitely heed the sound of Capiz’ loud invitation to come and be a witness to its enchanting beauty.