Nagisa Coffee shop is made with many bricks on top of mahogany wood.。
We serve light japanese food and filipino food. Our Food is made with extra ingredients to fit the taste of all our different foreign customers.
CHICCO D'ORO is our special coffee beans that has been imported from Switzerland.
We also serve fresh fruit juice or shakes.


Breakfast starts from 6:30am - 10:30am. Choose from our American Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, and Filipino Breakfast.

For all our guests with early departures before 7:00am we will provide you with packed breakfast.

Japanese food

We different kinds of japanese foods, such as: tempura, udon noodles, gyoza, etc. To cook these foods we use corn oil instead of the filipino style coconut oil.

For guests who do not want to eat hot foods, choose a few of our cold foods, such as: soumen, hiyashi chuka, etc.

Asian & Filipino

Since you came here to the Philippines for vacation you should try our Filipino foods. If you do not know what to eat, please try some of our simple home cooked style foods. Such as:

Adobo, pancit (bihon, canton,etc.). These are basic foods cooked for families.

These foods are ideally for the guests who want to eat something different other than filipino food.